NATO phonetic alphabet translator (v2)

text is translated as you type
result Result comes here...


New version of the "NATO phonetic alphabet translator" out.

- removed 
 	"The text you entered contains illegal characters."
 	forms - pressing enter will not do anything.
 - added characters:
 	@	[At]
	/	[Slash]
	#	[Hastag]
	"	[Quot]
	&	[Ampersand]
	!	[Exclamation mark]
	\	[Backslash]
	?	[Question mark]
	(	[Left parenthesis]
	)	[Right parenthesis]
	'	[Apostrophe]
	,	[Comma]
- characters not defined comes up as "undefined"	
- new design

If you liked the old version better go to this link
NATO phonetic alphabet translator (v1)